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About Us


About Us

 We are a team of hard working, knowledgeable, honest, reliable and professional individuals and we love what we do! We are very proud to have served Lubbock and surrounding areas with successful estate liquidation since 1997. We have the experience, knowledge and the desire to make your sale the most successful ever! Each sale is different and your sale will be customized to achieve it's greatest potential and to meet your needs.

All we request of you is to remove all small items and personal paper items from your home that you want to keep.  If you are unable to remove all furniture that you are keeping, we can  tag it Not for Sale.  As you are going through the household, please do not throw anything away! If it's trash, we can toss it, but it's possible it could be of some value.

We go through every cabinet, drawer, closets and every nook and cranny in the home, garage and any designated sheds, storage buildings, etc. If we find something that we think you overlooked and may be important to you we will set it aside for you. This includes personal items and momentos, cash or very fine jewelry.

We clean as needed while staging the sale. We want everything to look as good as possible!

The staging/pricing of an average sale will be about a week-10 days. The sale is open to public for as long as we think is necessary to make the most of the sale. It is usually 3 days, but small sales may be open a couple of days while larger sales may be open several days.

Our normal charge for conducting your sale from beginning to end is usually 35% of sale proceeds. We do extensive advertising and have a personal email list of about 700 people. All advertising costs are included in commission charge.

At end of sale, we can arrange for a local charity to pick up items that did not sell and provide you with donation forms.

Once leftovers are picked up, we will make sure there is no trash or debris, vacuum, sweep/mop, and wipe down countertops.

Please call Judy 806.544.6865, or email us at loveoldglass@sbcglobal.net


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